Addressing Ecological & Health issues in the Paint Industry

Mr. Ullhas Nimkar, CMD, was invited to the 28th Indian Paint Conference to talk on the environmental and human health aspect of paints. In his presentation, Mr. Nimkar highlighted the eco-toxicological research that has been going on all over the world on harmful substances used in paints such as heavy metals and VOCs. He also briefed the audience on the legal scenario on harmful substances used in paints and compared it to the Indian scenario where the laws are still evolving. He provided a brief comparison on the chemical restrictions that are in place for the textiles industry to explain the audience about chemical restrictions which the paint industry might face in the near future.

This conference was held from 6th – 8th January, 2017 at Bangalore and was attended by more than 700 delegates.

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About the Conference:

The Indian Paint Conference is a platform for discussions on Strategies for Growth and Sustenance, Challenges and changes, Market trends & Best Practices for the paint industry. In addition, the goal of the conference is to demonstrate how technology can enable better operation and performance for Paint Industry. The conference theme is based on Leveraging Technology for the Paints industry which highlight the Technology Transformation capabilities in key areas:

  • Product Innovation
  • Environment, Health & Safety improvement
  • People/Skills
  • Process Excellence
  • Digital transformation
  • Surface Treatment & Paint application



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NimkarTek Technical Services Pvt Ltd is a consultancy company providing world-class ecological and environmental solutions to the textile and leather supply chain. We provide online training through our E-Learning Platform NOTES. We also help dyehouses or garment washing units to assess and grade the facility for their chemical compliance, chemical storage and waste management systems and implement Chemical Management through our unique online tool CMS-i. We also offer Certified Chemical Management Certificate Course to develop competencies in Chemical Management.

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