MODINT Joins Forces with NimkarTek !

MODINT Joins Forces with NimkarTek !

NimkarTek is pleased to announce its collaboration with Modint, the Dutch Association for Fashion.

To lead the Dutch textile industry towards cleaner textile supply chain and reduce the usage of hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives, MODINT, The Dutch National Trade Association for Fashion has joined forces with NimkarTek, for providing Online training to Modint Members and suppliers. This co-operation will combine the expertise of NimkarTek and Dutch Textile Industry’s vision to lead it towards training their suppliers to produce safer products.

NimkarTek will provide online training to the MODINT members and their supply chain partners through its online training platform ‘NOTES.’ The co-operation will be limited exclusively to Modint members in The Netherlands and their supply chain stakeholders in any other country.

Under this co-operation NimkarTek will offer special prices of training modules to Modint members and a trouble-free access and helpdesk to resolve any problems faced by registered users from Modint group.

To know more about this co-operation or for any other questions please contact Anagha Nimkar on

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NimkarTek Technical Services Pvt Ltd is a consultancy company providing world-class ecological and environmental solutions to the textile and leather supply chain. We provide online training through our E-Learning Platform NOTES. We also help dyehouses or garment washing units to assess and grade the facility for their chemical compliance, chemical storage and waste management systems and implement Chemical Management through our unique online tool CMS-i. We also offer Certified Chemical Management Certificate Course to develop competencies in Chemical Management.

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