NimkarTek at UNEA-2 Event in Nairobi, Kenya

NimkarTek at UNEA-2 Event in Nairobi, Kenya

26th May 2016: Nairobi, Kenya

Ullhas Nimkar, CMD, NimkarTek Technical Services participated as a panelist in a side event at the ongoing UNEA-2 at Nairobi titled “Advancing Sustainable Chemistry in a Sustainable Development Context : Opportunities for Global, Regional & National Chemicals Management.”



The event was hosted by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Germany & the UNEP ( Chemical & Waste Branch of DTIE & co-sponsored by the Government of Ghana & the BRS Secretariat to discuss the potential role of sustainable chemistry in relation to the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda (


The concept of sustainable chemistry has recently gained international momentum, given its potential to contribute to future Chemical Management and Catalyzing Transformative changes in the chemical industry all over the world.

Sustainable chemistry covers all three dimensions of sustainable development i.e., economic, social & environmental considerations.

In the discussions, Mr. Nimkar presented the situation that exists with respect to the thousands of chemicals used in the textile supply chain from fibre to the production of a product and finally to the end of life – fate after disposal.

The panel spoke about the potential of sustainable chemistry in a SAICM beyond 2020 & 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda Concept.

Mr. Nimkar provided an update on the recent international initiatives in the textile industry to manage waste through the control of input chemicals.

He said that while certain initiatives taken by the industry are indeed welcome, a lot remains to be done to develop an adequate understanding of the variety of chemicals used in the textile supply chain and particularly the study at the end of life from the chemical metabolites point of view.

He highlighted that an initiative such as the ISC3 (, where he is on the advisory board, can play a major role in bringing about innovation, linking the work done globally in Sustainable Chemistry, connecting countries, industry & academia.

The future for a sustainable world will certainly need advanced chemicals management through “Sustainable Chemistry”

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NimkarTek Technical Services Pvt Ltd is a consultancy company providing world-class ecological and environmental solutions to the textile and leather supply chain. We provide online training through our E-Learning Platform NOTES. We also help dyehouses or garment washing units to assess and grade the facility for their chemical compliance, chemical storage and waste management systems and implement Chemical Management through our unique online tool CMS-i. We also offer Certified Chemical Management Certificate Course to develop competencies in Chemical Management.

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