Presentation at 6th GreenCo Summit 2017, Pune

Mr. Ullhas Nimkar was invited to the Sixth Edition of GreenCo summit 2017 held at Hotel Conrad Pune on 21- 23 June 2017. The summit was organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to foster and promote sustainable models and further advance the need & importance of Green initiatives in Indian industry and share the latest green concepts & technologies.

Mr. Nimkar presented on the topic ‘Reduction in toxicity through efficient chemical management’. In his presentation, Mr. Nimkar discussed the current facts regarding the use of harmful chemicals in the textiles industry and the current initiatives the textile industry is implementing to eliminate or reduce the harmful chemicals and through chemical management.

Senior executives from various manufacturing companies and services sectors all over India attended the 3-day summit. For more information, you can visit


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NimkarTek Technical Services Pvt Ltd is a consultancy company providing world-class ecological and environmental solutions to the textile and leather supply chain. We provide online training through our E-Learning Platform NOTES. We also help dyehouses or garment washing units to assess and grade the facility for their chemical compliance, chemical storage and waste management systems and implement Chemical Management through our unique online tool CMS-i. We also offer Certified Chemical Management Certificate Course to develop competencies in Chemical Management.

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