The Seahawks won’t fly out the Patriots. The Patriots won’t fly out the Seahawks. Neither team will score beyond what 20 points. This year’s Super Bowl could come down the very last play.Dissimilar to last year’s Super Bowl, Which dropped to the first play. Center Manny Ramirez chucked the opening snap outcome his legs, Past Peyton Manning’s ear and into your end zone for a safety. The casino craps game had five seconds of tension until it became a frolic.If you prefer frolics, This Super Bowl will not be for you. Will not see smiling faces on the sideline. You’ll quickly see worried faces, Exasperated faces, Angry has. You’ll quickly see Tom Brady yelling at himself and his teammates. You’ll find Bill Belichick frowning like he ate bad fajitas. You’ll begin to see Pete Carroll chewing Juicy Fruit like a nervous wreck.Neither team has the offensive firepower personalized vikings jersey to build a big lead early in cafe world.The Patriots’ top two wide receivers Julian Edelman and Brandon LaFell can’t smart phone market the Seahawks top two cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell.

Edelman and LaFell refuses to get open. Brady likes to throw the ball quickly ahead of the pass rush gets to him, But he won’t have that luxury in the bingo. Brady will likely need to hold the ball and hold the ball and hold the ball in the pocket He will take more hits than normal.Tight end Rob Gronkowski is the only player Seattle’s defense has to be concerned about. You can bet the Seahawks are commonly worrying about him the past two weeks. You can bet the Seahawks will double cover him and try to force the Patriots to call plays on the table, As with Edelman or LaFell.You also can bet the Patriots’ defense will try to shut down Marshawn Lynch and all of those other Seahawks’ runners. I is to them.However, We have to share the Seahawks’ secret weapon. His name or company reputation is Jermaine Kearse.You may not have come across him. He is an ordinary wide receiver during the totally normal season who has caught just 63 passes and five touchdowns in 37 regular season games. He is about the last Seahawks players opposing defenses worry about.

And the Seahawks understand it. If he or she need a big play in a playoff game, They pitch to Kearse. In the playoffs Kearse becomes monster. Kearse caught the game winning 35 yard touchdowagainst the Packers in the NFC championship a month or so ago, And he caught the game winning 35 yard touchdown against the 49ers in the NFC great last season.The Seahawks have won five playoff games repeatedly dating to 2014 and, Daily five game winning streak, Kearse has caught four landing passes and averaged more than 27 yards per catch. The league hasn’t realized yet how hazardous Kearse can be.I’m guessing Belichick has concluded that it, Even. He’s no stooge.

Belichick don’t have to double cover Kearse to shut him down the way the Seahawks have to double cover Gronkowski. All Belichick has to do is honor Kearse. Take him fatally. Touch on briefly him man to man with Darrelle Revis, One of the greatest cornerbacks in football. Kearse would not beat Revis. Revis just is certainly Superman’s kryptonite. Kearse won’t the fatigue Patriots. And see in the event that Patriots lose, They will lose when they can’t stop Marshawn Lynch.Lynch weren’t required to do anything the previous Super Bowl. The online game was over before he touched the ball. He had just 39 rushing yards your game. The Seahawks wouldn’t need him.Instantly, The Seahawks need him as part of your. They don’t have a passing game when Revis erases Kearse. The Seahawks have to win this Super Bowl in their running game, And the Patriots realize it.

Beating a good team like the Patriots when they know you should run the ball ain’t easy. Therefore, The Chiefs took down it off this season personalized bears jersey.The Chiefs the fatigue Patriots 41 14 in Week 4. Jamaal Charles have won three touchdowns and rushed for 92 yards. Knile Davis, The backup going back, In a hurry for 107 yards.The Patriots have a very good, Sturdy insurance. Next to your skin slow linebackers who couldn’t catch Charles or Davis, And isn’t catch Lynch, Robert Turbin to Russell Wilson.The distinction between these two great teams is speed the Seahawks have it and the Patriots don’t.Rugby is a speed game. The Seahawks am going to win 20 to 17. Grant Cohn writes sports tips and the”Within these 49ers” Blog for The Press Democrat’s websites.

Posted in throughout the 49ers Tagged Bill Belichick, Darrelle Revis, Jamaal Charles, Jermaine Kearse, Knile Davis, Pete Carroll, Take advantage of Gronkowski, Robert Turbin, Russell WilsonWhen good luck strikes continuously, Its not just all the best, Where there design and style, There an underlying cause. Wilson is a very accurate long passer, Even while rushing. One substantial run by Lynch, And as promised defenders legs turn into 4th qtr applesauce personalized browns jersey. SeAdderall will cut prohibit Wilfork leg, Perhaps stopping it. The refs is designed to yawn. Your competitors committee only worries about QB knees. The SeRoids running game will control you. Refs ball gamblers play in the Super Bowl. The NFC continues to be the more physical conference. More often than not 49ers didn have first half brain freeze vs the Ravens, They’ll have controlled the game. Its including the mid 1980s mid 90s. It is the NFC time.