Chemical Testing

NimkarTek detox Laboratory also offers the following chemical tests –

  • Solid Content and Active Content
  • Efficiency of Desizing agent / Scouring Agent / Mercerizing Agent
  • Wetting Power of Wetting Agent
  • Active Oil Content in Siicone Oil Emulsions
  • Strength of Acetic Acid / Formaldehyde / Hydrogen Peroxide / Sulphuric Acid / Glyoxal
  • Purity of Caustic Lye / Glauber Salt / Oxalic Acid / Soda Ash / Sodium hydrosulphite
  • Ionic Nature
  • Cloud Point
  • Melting Point of Substances
  • Defoaming efficiency of defoaming agents
  • Foaming efficiency of auxiliaries
  • Freezing Point
  • Volatile Organic Content

Other Test we offer include:

  • Purity Analysis of chemicals by GC-MS
  • Purity Analysis of Natural Oils
  • Impurity Profile of Chemicals
  • Wear Metal Analysis for Used Oils
  • Polymer Pyrolysis followed by GC-MS
  • Fatty Acid Profile of Edible Oils
  • Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (from Biodiesels) by GC-MS
  • Purity of Fatty Acid by GC-MS, Saponification and Unsaponifiable matter
  • Analysis of Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) in Transformer Oil
  • Analysis of PAH in Transformer Oil
  • Bisphenol Analysis by GC-MS in packing material
  • Analysis of Triclosan


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