REACH Consultancy

Exporters of chemicals and articles to the European Union need to comply with REACH regulation i.e. Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction on chemicals.

REACH addresses the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment. Hence, chemical suppliers need to be make sure that their chemicals meet the authorizations and restrictions as described in this law.

From 1 June 2018, substances (on their own or mixture) manufactured or imported more than 1 ton per year need to be registered under REACH.

What do we provide?

  1. Test your products for presence of SVHC’s (Substances of Very High Concern)
  2. Test your products for restrictions listed under Annexure XVII

REACH Registrations and Sameness Studies:

Registration of substances and mixtures for REACH is mandatory for exporters of chemicals of > 1 ton per annum to the EU Member states. This involves studying and reporting the composition, impurity profile and spectral and chromatographic data supporting the structure of the substance and establishing sameness to determine the most appropriate SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum) under REACH.

NimkarTek Detox Laboratory will :

  • Perform all required analytical testing (This includes LC-MS and HPLC, NMR, FTIR, UV-Vis, Solid Content, Moisture Content)
  • Analyze and Interpret the Analytical Data
  • Prepare a mini- dossier (as per Annexure VI, Section 2 of REACH), which can be submitted to REACH Authorities or your ‘Only Representative’ (OR).

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