Root Cause Analysis

Non-compliance and failures often lead to product recall which can be expensive. The cause of this failure is often not studied and this can lead to a recurrent failure in the future.

NimkarTek can help you to determine the exact cause of your failure and eliminate it to avoid future recurrence. The root cause could be a non-compliant chemical, water or raw materials used in production. NDL offers a smart screening methodology to determine the root cause and thus save time and costs.

What do we do?

  1. NimkarTek will study the extent of failure by re-testing the failed article at our lab
  2. Our Experts will study your process flow, the chemicals used at each step and prioritize possible failure routes
  3. We will test your chemicals and raw materials as per a priority order to determine the exact cause of failure
  4. The failed chemical or raw material is then substituted with a suitable alternative, which is also tested to ensure compliance

Over the past few years, we have successfully solved several root cause ‘mysteries’ and substituted the faulty chemical or raw material with an alternative.

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