A Safety Data Sheet or SDS is a document that provides information on hazards and the appropriate safety measures required for hazardous substances and mixtures. The rules on classification of the manufactured substance or chemical mixture/preparation and the format for describing the information has been detailed in the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) or Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of REACH.

A colorant or chemical manufacturer is mandated to convey an SDS to their upstream suppliers or users. The completeness of the information in an SDS reflects on the quality of the manufacturer and increases the trust of your customers.

NimkarTek provides services for authoring of SDS based on the GHS norms so that your SDS is accepted in the international market.

The process for developing an SDS is as follows:


The SDS Authoring team at NimkarTek is guided by Dr. Dileep Wakankar, who is an acknowledged expert in SDS Authoring, GHS and REACH.


Data on specific physico-chemical properties and eco-toxicological parameters must be incorporated in an SDS for a proper hazard classification (as per GHS/CLP norms) and information required on precautions to be taken.

NimkarTek provides testing services for the following parameters that are critical to SDS authoring:

  • Melting Point and Boiling Point
  • Flash Point (for liquids)
  • Combustibility Index and Flammability (for solids)
  • Specific gravity and Bulk Density
  • Impact sensitivity
  • Dust explosion
  • Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA)
  • Auto ignition (for solids)
  • Oral toxicity (LD50) *
  • Skin and eye irritation*
  • COD
  • BOD
  • Ready and Inherent Biodegradability
  • Algal Inhibition Toxicity (EC50)

*These tests are outsourced and will be done only if calculation method is not possible

NimkarTek will also archive all the SDS test results for 10 years to support any substantiation required for the information published in the SDS.
NimkarTek also offers advise on identification of data gaps based on a review of the existing SDS of a chemical manufacturer.