Online Training through NOTES Platform

Today’s changing demands and industry expectations require Brands and Retailers to communicate compliance requirements quickly and cost-effectively to all stakeholders of their global supply chain.

NimkarTek NOTES is a web-based Platform providing Training on Restricted Substances and Chemical Management to Textile and Leather Supply Chain.

Why train with NOTES?


The Trainings, developed by technical experts at NimkarTek, are in the form of E-Learning courses and are delivered online, through the NOTES platform.

Global Reach

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Our Accreditations

ZDHC Training Services

NimkarTek is a ZDHC Accredited Training Provider (ATP) of the ZDHC Foundation – Implementation Hub

Higg FEM Trainings

NimkarTek is approved by SAC as a Higg FEM Trainer Body.

Our Training Services

Ready Training Courses

NimkarTek has developed a range of ready training courses focusing on Restricted Substances and Chemical Management issues.These courses have been developed for Cut and Sew Units, Laundries, Garment exporters along with Fabric manufacturers, Wet Processing Units, Mills and Vendors.

You can view our Courses by clicking on the link here or by downloading the Course
Catalogue here.



ZDHC Training Courses

NimkarTek is a ZDHC Accredited Training Provider (ATP), offering ZDHC approved training courses through our Online Training Platform – NOTES.

We offer E-Learning courses on key topics such as

  • ZDHC CMS Framework for Brands and Retailers
  • ZDHC CMS Framework for Suppliers
  • ZDHC CMS Technical Industry Guide (TIG)
  • ZDHC CMS TIG for Denim Wet Processing Facilities
  • ZDHC Top 10 Issues and Best Practices
  • ZDHC Wastewater Management (WWM)

The E-Learning courses are designed to provide practical guidance for implementation of the ZDHC Chemical Management Systems and the Wastewater Guidelines documents. The courses are aimed at relevant personnel responsible for handling chemicals at supplier organisations, as well as auditors evaluating facilities for their CMS implementation. Whether you are a Tannery, Dye-house, mill, printer, footwear assembly or any other kind of facility, Suppliers can tailor and implement the trainings to meet their Chemical Management and Wastewater goals.

After the training, registered participants will be awarded with a Certificate from the ZDHC Academy.

You can view our Courses by clicking on the link here or by downloading the Course
Catalogue here.

Higg FEM Training Courses

The Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) is a sustainability assessment tool developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition or the SAC, that standardises how facilities measure and evaluate their environmental performance.

In order to help Suppliers implement the Higg FEM, the SAC has approved different Trainer Bodies to provide Higg FEM training worldwide. NimkarTek is a SAC Approved Higg FEM Trainer Body (TB).

NimkarTek’s Training Program on Higg FEM provides individuals and organizations proper training and expert insight into the Higg FEM. The training covers all 7 environmental impact areas as outlined in the Higg FEM.

You can view our Courses by clicking on the link here or by downloading the Course
Catalogue here.



Product Stewardship Courses

Product stewardship is the act of minimizing the environmental, and social impacts of a chemical product and its packaging throughout all its lifecycle stages, while also maximizing economic benefits.

Developed for Chemical Manufacturers, importers and formulators, the Product Stewardship course will introduce participants to key aspects of Product Stewardship, with an aim to help them keep up with increasingly complex global regulatory requirements.

The Course comprises of key topics such as

  • Globally Harmonised Systems (GHS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Hazards covered under the GHS – Physical, Health and the Environment.
  • Communicating Hazards through Safety Data Sheets and Labels.
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods.
  • Chemical Management Legislations and Initiatives; and much more.

These courses are highly recommended for all chemical manufacturers and suppliers. Courses can be purchased as individual training courses or all-together in the form of a certificate program.

Bespoke Training Courses

Ready training courses might not cover your organization's goals and priorities, as they may not include all your requirements and priorities.

NimkarTek understands the importance of infusing bespoke training with your strategy, thereby creating a highly effective and engaging learning experience.


Our teams will help you prioritize your training strategy, develop training plans, and develop high-quality custom courses that work within your budget. Either choose a ready training course and customise this to suit your requirements or develop a brand new course from scratch.

You can pick and choose between a variety of additional features such as ‘Training Need Assessments’ to help you identify the right people for the training, infusing Webinars in-between the E-Learning courses for a hybrid learning experience, Assessments and Certifications and using the Group Dashboard feature that allows you to monitor and track your training roll-out.

Our online training courses will effectively train people on technical topics while creating an enjoyable, interactive user experience. Case studies and activities will help reinforce key topics. Assessments, certificates, and reports generated through NOTES will help you measure the Training Impact.

Our Teams provide technical and admin related support through e-mails and calls.

Bespoke training on specific policies/goals/plans in Chemical Management/Sustainability

NimkarTek will develop the training content and a custom training plan based on your requirements

Course will be delivered through the Notes Platform. NOTES Admin team will monitor progress

Quick and cost-effective way of training all partners.

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